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Filmfestivalen 2017

Catfight – Comady by Onur Tukel, USA 2016

DEN GUDOMLIGA KOMEDIN Posted on 2017-01-31 22:27:10

It’s of course refreshing that the physical fights between the titular combatants are actual fisticuffs rather than, as is usually par for so called catfights in film and tv, bites, scratches, name calling and hairpulling. Not that I care; seldom has a group of characters been so despicable, annoying and all out nasty. At least in It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, to name another venue with unpleasent leads, we, the audience, can laugh at the gang, we can root for their comeuppance, but in Catfight they kind of forgot to make it funny and/or give the antagonists any redeeming qualities.

The film does have some moments, though. The assistant, one of the few likeable characters, makes a cutesy comic book starring happy blue bunnies, and her preferred choice for director for the Hollywood adaptation had me in stitches.

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Grave (Raw) – Blood drama by Julia Ducournau, BEL 2016

FESTIVALFAVORITER Posted on 2017-01-31 22:24:37

An aesop about the dangers of vegetarianism, perhaps? Well, maybe not. What really triggers the lead character’s, shall we say peculiar diet, remains a mystery almost throughout. But that’s not the main point of the film. It is first and foremost a film about sisterly bond and the time of change that comes with starting at university, including the hazing and the discovery of sides in oneself hitherto unknown. And yes, the film is gory, grotesque, macabre even, but it’s almost always called for. Probably the bloodiest film ever that’s more about drama and suspense than horror.

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Jackie – Sorrowsobbing by Pablo Larraín, USA 2016

GALA Posted on 2017-01-31 22:15:03

Chilean director Pablo Larraín turns to the US and tells the tale of Jackie O. Or rather, Jackie K, as neither Jackie B, nor Jackie O shows up. Rather than following formula 1A in biopic making, the film focuses on the aftermath of the events of November 22:nd. That could have been an excellent move, especially considering that Natalie Portman is absolutely brilliant in the title role, but unfortunately there is no story there, or if there is, it’s not very well conveyed. It’s simply boring. Dull, tedious, and boring. Without Portman, Jackie would have been entirely pointless.

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La tortue rouge (The Red turtle) – Transformationdrama by Michael Dudok de Wit, BEL 2016

LILLA FILMFESTIVALEN Posted on 2017-01-31 22:14:03

The animation style is more Hergé than Ghibli, even though the latter is the studio producing. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful, and the story is sometimes gripping. The complete lack of dialogue poses a challenge to the animators, but moreso to the audience. Neither the story, nor the character development warrants a feature length film, though; as a short, The Red turtle would have been very strong, methinks.

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Jamais contente (Miss Impossible) – Teen musical by Emilie Deleuze, FRA 2016

LILLA FILMFESTIVALEN Posted on 2017-01-31 22:12:18

Aurore is growing up. Her behaviour is erratic, as one might expect from a middle child coping with teen angst, stuck between her socially stable big sister and her at school well-performing little sister. Léna Magnien, the leading actress, covers all the feels and does so excellently. It’s never boring, but neither is it all that gripping. A simple story about growing up, that’s all.

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