The film is absolutely stunning. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous set design, expertly framed. The actors are equally well paced, being as anti-hammy and minimalistic as the general tone of the film. The downplaying fits well with the time periods covered. And there is a time span. Audrey Tautou plays 17 year old Valentine, as well as 25, 40 and 50 years old, and she (and the make up department) certainly pulls it off. Same goes for Bérénice Béjo, though not as wide an age span.

However, there’s no story. Sure, people fall in love, get married, have children. People get sick, die, move on. Just like real life. But there’s no story, no character development, no obstacles they have to overcome. Just real life, only, you know, pretty.

Failed the Bechdel test

3 eggs of 6