Best supporting actor (c indicates comedic role or film, d indicates dramatic)

Sloboda Micalovic (c) – On the Milky Road (c/d)
Bill Nighy (c) – Their finest (d)
Greta Gerwig (c) – 20th century women (c)
Nick Offerman (c) – The Founder (c/d)
Hanna Alström (d) – Sameblod (d)
Best leading actor
Natalie Portman (d) – Jackie (d)
Garance Marillier (d) – Raw (d)
Anette Bening (c) – 20th century women (c)
Ben Mendelsohn (d) – Una (d)
Florence Pugh (d) – Lady Macbeth (d)
Best ensemble
20th Century women
On the Milky road
Their Finest
The Founder
Best director
Emir Kusturica – On the Milky Road
Lone Scherfig – Their finest
Mike Mills – 20th century women
William Oldroyd – Lady Macbeth
Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne – La fille inconnue
Best film
On the Milky Road
Their Finest
Lady Macbeth
The Founder
The winners will be presented further down
OK, so who won? Well:
Best director: Mike Mills 20th century women
Best lead: Florence Pugh Lady Macbeth
Best supporting: Sloboda Micalovic Under the Milky Road
Best ensemble: 20th century women
Best film: Their Finest

And that’s all folks.

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