Cinematic handicraft at its finest. With all the tricks of the trade, Salle tells a by-the-numbers tale of one of the most important pioneers of the 1900’s, or maybe just as much, his son. A man almost consumed by his passion, through no malign intent, realises that he has had a small part in the environmental crisis of the 20th century.
The underwater scenes are, of course, breathtaking for a diver such as myself, but the real wow moment for me was when the expedition took the Cousteau family across the Drake Shake to the, even now, mostly undisturbed shores of Antarctica proper. That takes me back.

Filmwise, it lacks that extra, but is so well done. Never do I lose interest, and it almost reaches one notch higher. So close, but we need a safety stop at 4.

Failed the Bechdel test

4 regulators of 6