It’s of course refreshing that the physical fights between the titular combatants are actual fisticuffs rather than, as is usually par for so called catfights in film and tv, bites, scratches, name calling and hairpulling. Not that I care; seldom has a group of characters been so despicable, annoying and all out nasty. At least in It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, to name another venue with unpleasent leads, we, the audience, can laugh at the gang, we can root for their comeuppance, but in Catfight they kind of forgot to make it funny and/or give the antagonists any redeeming qualities.

The film does have some moments, though. The assistant, one of the few likeable characters, makes a cutesy comic book starring happy blue bunnies, and her preferred choice for director for the Hollywood adaptation had me in stitches.

Passed the Bechdel test

2 years in a coma of 6