We’ve seen it all before: girl’s best friend plans to get married, girl says she has a date for the wedding to save face, girl tries desperately to find date, girl falls for planner/photographer/caterer/officiator instead, girl doesn’t accept that, girl lashes out at girl’s best friend, girl comes to her senses and goes to the p/p/c/o.

Only this time, the formula isn’t strictly adhered to. The fact that the film is in the HBTQ section of the programme hints at what differs A date for Mad Mary from other romcoms in the ‘my mate is getting married and I’m not’ category, but there’s more. The characters feels genuine and they are performed by accomplished actors. Everything doesn’t happen as one would expect, and the fact that I happened to attend an Irish wedding a while back adds credibility and familiarity. Not enough to make a life lasting impression, but for the duration of the film, for sure.

Passed the Bechdel test

3 speeches of 6